Comic Interviews

Transformers: Monstrosity – Exclusive Interview With Livio Ramondelli & Flint Dille

In 2012 IDW went digital with 'Transformers: Autocracy', the story of Optimus Prime’s ascent to greatness and leadership of the heroic Autobots. Now the follow-up series is about to be unleashed... more

EXCLUSIVE: TRANSFORMERS Artist John-Paul Bove Interview

It's an important week in Transformers comic book history as IDW launch the continuation of the original Marvel G1 run from 21 years ago (read our review of Regeneration One here). Behind the... more

BAD HAVEN Exclusive: IMAGE At 20 – Eric Stephenson Interview

  As creator-owned haven Image Comics hits the big 2-0 this year, you’ve got to wonder: How long will it be before people start referring to the Big Three in... more

BAD HAVEN EXCLUSIVE: SPANDEX Creator Martin Eden Interview

Recently we reviewed Spandex: Fast And Hard, the all gay superhero team book by Martin Eden, and thought it was great! Thanks to the smashing folks over at Titan books we also got to have a quick... more

EXCLUSIVE: Marjorie Liu Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with the incredibly talented New York Times best selling author Marjorie Liu. Best known for her Urban Fantasy Novel's (Dirk and Steele, Hunter Kiss) she is... more

JIM LEE Talks DCU Online, Batman:Arkham City And The Justice League

Artist supreme and Co-Publisher of DC, the man behind so much of the DCnU's success talks about three of DC's more successful ideas in the last few months: DCU Online, Batman:Arkham City And The... more

The STARFIRE Issue: Scott Lobdell Addresses gender inequality in Red Hood and the Outlaws

The recent furore that to quote Writer Scott Lobdell "almost melted the internet" concerning the overt sexuality of Starfire (Tameranian Slave, former princess and current heroine of Red Hood and... more

X-23 Writer Marjorie Liu talks about her plans for the Character and her new role in the MARVEL U

Newsarama recently talked with series writer Marjorie Liu about the female Wolverine clone known as Laura Kinney and how she will deviate even further away from the mutant verse as of... more

FEAR ITSELF #6 Matt Fraction & Tom Brevoort Interview

*SPOLIER ALERT!!!*  If you haven't read Fear Itself #6 Major spoilers Lie Ahead! Newsarama recently consulted with both series writer Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man, Immortal Iron Fist)... more


Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are not only renound for their WarHammer work but have single handedly revitalized Marvel's cosmic characters for nearly a half-decade, since the Annihilation event back... more

Grant Morrison Talks his new Social Justice Superman for ACTION COMICS

By Mark 'The BAD MAN' McCann     Recently  Newsarama were lucky enough to get a sit down with comic book superstar  Grant Morrison to talk about his new take on Superman with... more