UK Superhero Poll Results

Ladbrokes recently conducted a poll on the UK's attitudes to the world of superheroes and were kind enough to share the full report with us. It's a massive document that's packed with information... more

12 Moments That Defined 2013′s Year In Nerd

If you want a recap article dealing with horse burgers, the children of the ruling class and twerking, keep scrolling. My review of the year is purely to do with all things in the realm of geek. And... more

How Much Can Superheroes Claim?

Action movie actors have been risking their lives for the sake of entertainment since the early days of silent cinema. Whether it be jumping off buildings or crashing cars, stunt-work continues to be... more

10 Actors Who Should Play Superheroes

Alex-Ross Marvel Heroes
Superhero films are now a legitimate option for well-regarded actors. We’ve had Oscar winners playing Batman, Catwoman, Mystique, Rogue and Storm. But there are some rather obvious big actors and... more

How Loki’s Bringing Sexy Back To Marvel

Loki featured image
He’s existed in his current Marvel Comics guise since 1962. He’s been Thor’s chief villain for 50 years. But Loki is only just now hitting his peak of popularity. The probable answer as to why... more

7 Marvel Summer Events That Would Make Amazing Movies

7 Marvel Summer Events That Would Make Amazing Movies
Summer-long event comics have become something of a benchmark in the comics industry, particularly in the past decade. Take an ensemble cast of heroes, pit ‘em against a threat that no single... more

Nerd Girls: How To Get That X-Men Punk Storm Look

punk storm
The past year or so has seen a somewhat surprising punk inspired trend spring into high-street stores, and whilst I've found this an absolutely glorious turn of events as it then made certain clothes... more

Transformers: Regeneration One #0 Review

Synopsis: 'LESS THAN ZERO' : Plunged into the swirling vortex of 'Zero' by Primus, can Hot Rod discover the threat to the Transformers' universe before it's too late..? Writer: Simon... more

Nerd Girls: How To Get That Wonder Woman Look

With Halloween fast approaching, my social media feeds are exploding with excited gore enthusiasts sharing ideas and starting to prep for the big day. Much as Halloween is an excuse for a lot of... more

8 Superheroes Who Became Terrifying Bad-Asses After Death

In the world of superheroes it a good rule of thumb that if you don't see the corpse then the hero ain't dead. Even when you do see their charred remains being weeped over by their broken hearted... more

10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood

10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood
When you hear the term 'fan film' most people are immediately stricken by the idea that is the prevailing stereotype; a few brief scenes of grimly shot, badly scripted and poorly acted 'fan worship'... more

6 Superhero Weapons That Qualify As ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’

6 superhero weapons that qualify as wmds
There are some insanely cool weapons and gadgets that have been created within the Superhero genre that every single one of us would love to get our hands on if they actually existed. However no... more

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #20 Review

Writer: James Roberts Art: Alex Milne (Lines), Brian Shearer (Inks), Josh Burcham, John-Paul Bove (Colours) 'Remain in Light Part 4 - Arm The Lonely'  Synopsis: Filling in the blanks -... more

Transformers: Regeneration One #94 Review

DESTINY PART 4 Writer: Simon Furman Art: Guido Guidi (Lines) Stephen Baskerville (Inks) John-Paul Bove (Colours)   Synopsis: Galvatron vs Ultra Magnus - nuff said?! Review: For... more

5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)

5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)
Since he first appeared as a Bat-winged, pulp inspired (and notably gun wielding) crime fighter in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 - Batman, created by Bob Kane and fleshed out to the degree that... more

Retrospective: DC Comics’ Hitman

We all have our favourite Marvel and DC characters (The Punisher and Batman respectively), most of us  even have a favourite X-man (Bishop, hands down), but what about the smaller heroes and... more

5 Best DC Elseworld Tales That Screw With Continuity

kingdom come
In 1989 Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola's Gotham By Gaslight tale, transplanting Batman from his regular setting of modern era Gotham city to a Victorian age where he hunted Jack The Ripper, ignited... more

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #20 The Big Review

Writer: John Barber Art: Andrew Griffith (Lines), Priscilla Tramontano (Colours)     'Three Monologues'   Synopsis: Like war, politics is a dirty game and Starscream... more