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Uncovering The Neuroscience Of ROBOCOP 2014

Robocop 2014
  On the 7th February 2014, the flashy reboot of one of the most hallowed and valued action movie of the 1980s, Robocop, was released in cinemas. Directed by Jose Padilha, the director of the... more

3 Examples Of How Horror Films Reflect Our Obession With Sex

We, as a species, are an incredible horny bunch. From Miley Cyrus twerking her arse, to the awfully-catchy Robin Thicke smash single, Blurred Lines, it seems that everywhere you look, sexual content... more

5 Best Video Games Of The Decade

femshep mass effect
Video games have become as much a part of popular culture as film, music, and television. “Grand Theft Auto V,” which The Motley Fool notes reached a staggering 1 billion dollars in sales in just... more

12 Moments That Defined 2013′s Year In Nerd

If you want a recap article dealing with horse burgers, the children of the ruling class and twerking, keep scrolling. My review of the year is purely to do with all things in the realm of geek. And... more

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers?

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers
  “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you” – Friedrich Nietzsche   It is a supreme contradiction that the group of people who, by all rights, shouldn’t be... more

How Ghost In The Shell Tech Predictions Continue To Come True

motoko kusanagi tachikoma ghost in the shell 1280x800 wallpaper_www
Ghost in the Shell is a multi-media story franchise that started out life in 1989 as a manga in Young Magazine, a weekly adult male manga (known in Japan as seinen manga). Since its original year and... more

9 Cool Ideas We’d Like To See In Thor 3

“She wouldn't want us to fight.” “Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked.”   Thor: The Dark World has come and gone and, in contrast to Iron Man 3, it was a less of a sequel to The... more

5 Ways People Missed The Anti-Consumerism Message Of Fight Club

Tyler Durden: Consumerism
Along with Capitalism and individuality, one of the main messages of Chuck Palahniuk's book (and the David Fincher directed film) Fight Club is anti-consumerism. Here's 2 lines from the book: You... more

10 Actors Who Should Play Superheroes

Alex-Ross Marvel Heroes
Superhero films are now a legitimate option for well-regarded actors. We’ve had Oscar winners playing Batman, Catwoman, Mystique, Rogue and Storm. But there are some rather obvious big actors and... more

Childs Play 1-6: Rating The Chucky Movies Best – Worst

Rating the Chucky films from best to worst With the recent news that the 6th film in the Childs Play/Chucky series had been released I thought it best to reacquaint myself with the previous five... more

15 Stephen King Shorts That Would Make Epic Movies

Last time, we counted down the top 10 Stephen King books that needed to make it to the silver screen. Now we’re listing King’s short stories that we think need the same treatment. King’s novels... more

5 Awesome Clone/Evil Twin’s Played By The Same Actor

Orphan Black
There was a time when evil twins were the exclusive preserve of cheesy US soap operas. But these days, they’re all over the place. And thanks to Orphan Black and Misfits, there are even more of... more

10 Stephen King Novels That Would Make Amazing Movies

If Edgar Allan Poe is the master of horror of the 19th century and H. P. Lovecraft the master in the 20th century, then Stephen King is the master in the 21st... more

7 Marvel Summer Events That Would Make Amazing Movies

7 Marvel Summer Events That Would Make Amazing Movies
Summer-long event comics have become something of a benchmark in the comics industry, particularly in the past decade. Take an ensemble cast of heroes, pit ‘em against a threat that no single... more

3 Video Games That Should Make It to Broadway

fallout 3
Storytelling in video games has become surprisingly moving and sophisticated over the last two decades. Powerful themes and memorable characters are comparable to any piece of cinema or theater.... more

What Is Hellraiser’s Pinhead’s Real Identity?

What Is HELLRAISER's Pin Heads Real Identity
Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

5 Mysteries Set Up In Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD

The clumsily-named Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been unleashed on audiences. It might not be the unparalleled success we were hoping for, and it was certainly more by-numbers than we usually... more

5 Ways To Do A Punisher Movie Right

the punisher
By now I'll assume that all Punisher fans have seen Tom Jane's fan made short “Dirty Laundry”. If not, shame on you but you can check it out here.......I'll wait. OK, if you're just coming... more