Legends Reborn: An Interview With Author Douglas Brown

epertase cover
When someone has a day off from work, they usually sleep in; Douglas Brown, on the other hand, writes stories. Brown writes fantasy and horror novels when he’s not working as a fireman. His... more

15 Stephen King Shorts That Would Make Epic Movies

Last time, we counted down the top 10 Stephen King books that needed to make it to the silver screen. Now we’re listing King’s short stories that we think need the same treatment. King’s novels... more

10 Stephen King Novels That Would Make Amazing Movies

If Edgar Allan Poe is the master of horror of the 19th century and H. P. Lovecraft the master in the 20th century, then Stephen King is the master in the 21st... more

What Is Hellraiser’s Pinhead’s Real Identity?

What Is HELLRAISER's Pin Heads Real Identity
Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

Does Samit Basu’s ‘Turbulence’ Diversify The Superhero Gene Pool As We Know It?

An Indian superhero novel – those were three words I had never approached before in conjunction. I have to admit I was a bit baffled. I may be a newcomer to comics and graphic novels, but I do... more

Does Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox Transcend A TV Series Cash-In?

Does Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox Transcend A TV Series Cash-In?
I am a lack-lustre television viewer at the best of times, so perhaps it is unsurprising that I missed the foray surrounding FOX Entertainment’s science-fiction series Fringe. Created by J. J.... more

Is Danie Ware’s Ecko Rising More Of A Literary Descent?

Is Danie Ware's Ecko Rising More Of A Literary Descent?
Upon its release in September 2012, Danie Ware’s debut novel, Ecko Rising was lauded as a sophisticated juxtaposition of science fiction and fantasy. Indeed, the hype surrounding the book’s... more

Is Plague Nation A Must Read Zombie Apocalypse For Girls?

Plague Nation is the 2nd Novel in the gripping Zombie series penned by the fabulous Dana Fredsti. Dana picks us right up where we left off and takes us on another adventure, and it's every bit as... more

Does Stephen Kings Joyland Crack The Hard Boiled Crime Genre?

does stephen kings joyland crack the hard boiled crime genre?
It is quite an embarrassing thing to admit that in the summer of 2013 I graduated from my Masters in English Literature, but I had never read a Stephen King book before. What can I say? I was too... more

The Art Of The Croods Reviewed

  “The Art of The Croods” by Noela Hueso   Review Anyone who read my review of The Croods knows how much I loved the cinematography of this film, so when the opportunity to... more

Have Han Solo And Princess Leia Created The Next Sith Lord?

When it comes to "Star Wars: Episode VII,"  fans worry that smoke monsters will misguide the plot, and viewers will find out the main characters have been dead the whole time. Though creative, J.J.... more

LEGO Dragon Smaug From The Hobbit

Flickr user Fat Tony 1138 has went the extra mile to show his love for Upcoming DVD Blu Ray release of Peter Jackson's Tolkien Adap - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, by creating his own LEGO... more

GEORGE R. R. MARTIN Releases A Chapter From His Next Book THE WINDS OF WINTER

george r r martin
Ole George R.R. Martin is really taking his time with the Song of Fire and Ice saga. It's taken him 25 years to get the first 5 books out (which is somewhat understandable considering how big they... more


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Writer: Don Moore Artist: Alex Raymond   Synopsis:   Continuing the comprehensive library of the greatest science fiction hero of all time, this brand new collection of... more


dark shadows-the visual companion
Writer: Mark Salisbury     Synopsis: Produced in close co-operation with Tim Burton and the production team, this lavish hardcover official companion volume to the film includes a... more

ANOMALY Graphic Novel Review

anomaly #1
Writer(s) Skip Brittenham, Brian Haberlin Art: Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Van Dyke   Anomaly Graphic Novel Review: Generally, when a book comes along that has quotes on the cover from... more


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 Author: Scott Tracy Griffin . . Synopsis: . Celebrating one hundred years of Tarzan, Titan Books presents the only official commemorative illustrated history of this worldwide... more

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Horror Legend and ANNO DRACULA Author Kim Newman

Kim Newman, author
Kim Newman, film critic and author, is a man who knows his horror. His Anno Dracula series is currently being reprinted by Titan Books (and if you consider yourself a fan of vampire/horror stories,... more