Is Plague Nation A Must Read Zombie Apocalypse For Girls?

Posted on: June 10th, 2013

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Plague Nation is the 2nd Novel in the gripping Zombie series penned by the fabulous Dana Fredsti. Dana picks us right up where we left off and takes us on another adventure, and it’s every bit as fantastic as the first installment – Plague Town.

The first book laid the foundations for a really great series, replacing what could have been a typical character of helpless ‘damsel in distress’ adrift in the sea of zombie-apocalyptic chaos, with a strong, feisty, sassy and totally in control woman.

When we last encountered our heroine, Ashley Parker, she and the other `wild cards` (lucky beggars that are immune to the deadly zombie virus) had just defeated an impossible swarm of death on legs. They were defending the Campus, `Big Red`, in which the lovely Professor Fraser is working on a cure. Professor Fraser had previously worked as a lecturer there and our lovely Ashley was a student in the Professors’ class. This zombie invasion has turned this Campus upside down, in a few short weeks Big Read has transformed from a hub of education/drinking to an insanely highly armed strong hold and army base-camp in the fight against the Plague.

As Simone Fraser works on a cure to bring the unpredictable virus to a halt, the `Walker’s Flu` has crippled not only the Campus, but also the entire society of Redwood Grove, turning it from a quiet little American town into a zombie wasteland. This book sees the virus maliciously creeping out into wider society, further and further, until we see other major towns and city’s’ strangled in the grips of the deadly virus, as it spreads like wildfire across the Nation.

Don’t worry too much though, we’re in the capable hands of the foxy Ashley throughout the story, which really takes the edge off the horror in the book. Ashley is witty, sexy. engaging and kicks a whole lot of ass. This sassy character combined with a fantastic side order of detailed gore and sexual tension give Plague Nation the feel of Joss Whedon but with the guts of George A Romero . Not only are we on a roller-coaster of gore and zombie terror, we are also in the throes of a highly unorthodox and therefore, utterly thrilling lust-story between Ashley and fellow wildcard Gabriel. Fredsti captures the same forbidden fruit dynamic as the Twilight saga to put it very basically, but with a deliciously gory, considerably harsher element of zombie carnage, in stark contrast to the aforementioned PG vampire story.





Gabriel, like Ashley and the other `wild cards`, has already been bitten. He is partially infected with the virus, taking an anti-serum to keep himself human, but as time goes by the anti-serum is becoming less and less effective, and thus failing to keep pace with the virus. Gabriel finds it harder and harder to be in control. Will the Gabriel summon the strength to keep hold of himself, or will he be unable to overcome the grips of the aggressive Plague and transform into a mindless flesh-hungry walker?

And imagine this were to happen whilst Gabriel and Ashley were in bed.. bringing a whole new meaning to eating in bed! The author dusts the pages periodically with pop-culture references, making sure the hot & heavy story isn’t all hefty-going. With everything from The Dark Knight to The Lord of The Rings, there’s a bit of a giggle for every type of nerd.

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