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CULT ART: Lora Zombie’s Depressed Superheroes: The Angst Filled Life Of A Hero

depressive flash by lora zombie
Having to save the planet, city, friends and family from constant attacks and nefarious villainous plans on a daily basis can be (I imagine) super taxing. From time to time it has to cut into your... more


assassin time by weremagnus banner
Oh My Glob! Looks like the Land of Ooo just got a little more dangerous. Not only are Finn (the human) and Jake (the magical dog) doing their usual rounds of saving princesses and battling various... more

Susie’s Sci-Fi Sunday: The Breakfast Of Champions And Jedi’s

troop loops star wars
Breakfast is widely known to be the most important meal of the day. It is the fuel that kicks you into gear to go out and do something spectacular - or at least, the fuel to get you from the dining... more

Susie’s Sci-Fi Sunday: How To Survive A Robot Apocalypse

At Least With A Robot Apocalypse You Know They Don't Want To Eat You... People are constantly banging on about zombies and how they would survive a zombie apocalypse (I myself am guilty of this). I... more

Cult Art: Susie’s Artist Of The Day, Vandrell Gives Cammy A 50′s Makeover

Spanish artist, Daniel Vendrell Oduber ("Vandrell") is an artist that specialises in realistic/comic illustrations. He is also very adept at 80's style illustrations, manga and pin-up. He has a... more

10 Examples Of Halloween Pumpkins, Inspired By TV, Film And Games

cylon carved pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkins, just one of the many treats of All Hallow's Eve. Halloween is a time for getting all dressed up in your scariest/sexiest (or a combo of both) threads, getting your scare on,... more

Susie’s Cosplay Of The Day: Devil’s Night, A Night Of Revenge And The Crow

the crow fire outline
"Can't Rain All The Time..." It is Devil's night today and I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate it with a little cosplay inspired by the awesome film that is The Crow. There are a fair few... more

Susie’s Sci-Fi Sunday: Zombie Superhero Art, Kicking Ass In A State Of Reanimation

Batman_zombie_by_Karlvandal - Copy (450x375)
A zombie is not just for Halloween, it is for life...or at least until it's head gets lopped off or it is shot or stabbed in the brain. That being said though, Halloween and zombies make for a... more

Susie’s Cosplay Of The Day: The Cat Is Loose

Cheetara (400x335)
My cosplay of the day today is a little bit 80's, super sexy and is purrfectly executed. My pick for today is Cheetara from Thundercats. Cosplayer, Rasmirin has taken an 80's cartoon favourite... more

Susie’s Cosplay Of The Day: One Night Of The Hunter

Huntress DC comic original (2)
Yes I know, I used a Thirty Seconds To Mars song title as part of my main title - I just couldn't resist, as it plays into the theme of today's cosplay so nicely. My cosplay pick today is comic... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day, Emiliano Morciano

fight club emiliano morciano (500x335)
I really love film fan art. Seeing an artist's take on a much loved movie is always fun as there is always a new and unique viewpoint to be had. Italian artist, Emiliano Morciano does just that,... more

Susie’s Cosplay Of The Day: A MORTAL Treat

Mileena_Official_Render_transparent (331x600)
If you have read any of my other cosplay articles you will know that I love video games and if you have not...I love video games. So, when I come across a particularly well done gaming related... more

6 Scary Treats To Ensure You Have A KILLER Party This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and just in case you were having some trouble with party treats or theme ideas I thought I would just share a few to get you in a suitably sinister, yet fun party... more

Susie’s Cosplay Of The Day

cosplay of the day silhouette
Cosplay is so awesome and there is so much of it out there that I have decided to put together a daily article for your viewing pleasure. In fact I feel quite excited about sharing even more awesome... more

10 Greatest Sci-Fi Films Of The 1980s

arnold schwarzenegger terminator gun jacket
I had all kinds of difficulty whittling this list down to 10. The 1980’s was a seriously prolific time for sci-fi movies especially ones directed by James Cameron or ones starring Arnold... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day, Mintchoco Treats SIN CITY To A Spot Of Anime

mintchoco sincity poster (3)
Japanese DeviantART artist, Mintchoco puts her anime-style stamp on SIN CITY. Mintchoco's portfolio of work is bubbly and fun. It ranges from seriously cute pictures of the Powerpuff Girls to... more

Sexy Friday Cosplay: Darkstalkers Morrigan By Artist Linda Le

Skull_love_by_VampBeauty (400x267)
Morrigan from Darkstalkers is a very popular cosplay. She is is one of Capcom's flagship characters and is widely thought to be one of the most popular characters (if not the most popular) from the... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day: CircusMayer Gives The Avengers A Gender-Bending Make-Over

lady_avengers_by_circusmayer-d53p206 (3) (400x272)
DeviantArt artist CircusMayer has re-imagined the Avengers as women. Strong, sexy, beautiful women! Her manga-style art is super cute and seriously addictive. Her love of The Avengers is evident... more