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How to Win at Poker the Movie Way

If Daniel Craig, Matt Damon and Paul Newman can win at poker, then so can you! Take lessons from infamous games shown on the big screen and use them alongside more reputable poker strategies to stand... more

5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off

The Walking Dead
Title: 5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off In a way, our article from last September about television/movie spin-offs was prophetic. Within that list, we wrote about how The Walking... more

5 Best Video Games Of The Decade

femshep mass effect
Video games have become as much a part of popular culture as film, music, and television. “Grand Theft Auto V,” which The Motley Fool notes reached a staggering 1 billion dollars in sales in just... more

UK Superhero Poll Results

Ladbrokes recently conducted a poll on the UK's attitudes to the world of superheroes and were kind enough to share the full report with us. It's a massive document that's packed with information... more

Looking Back at Hammer Horror

Dracula - Hammer Horror
Despite the belief that horror has been a recently developed genre of cinema, audiences have been seeking scares long before the dawn of modern culture. As early as the Renaissance period, gothic... more

Play Breaking Bad Video Game Online!

Breaking Bad Video Game
Ever wanted to play a Breaking Bad video game? We're still in the process of picking our jaws up off the floor after last night's unbelievable finale. The tension was unbearable, and the payoff was... more

Why Ben Affleck Doesn’t Fit Batman

Gotham City
We're always keen to hear different opinions on current events in the movie world. We've previously covered why people need to chill out over the new Batman announcement, but we thought the opposite... more

Why Geeks are Good Gamblers

There are certain skills that will serve you well when you are gambling. Of course there is an element of luck involved – but there are betting odds for good reason. The ability to analyse data... more

Why Big-Minded Indie Filmmakers Don’t Need Hollywood

The film industry is going through a tremendous change right now. As Hollywood leans more and more towards quarter billion dollar star vehicles like The Lone Ranger with seemingly no real interest in... more

Which Phones are Best for Watching Movies On?

Smart Phones At Table
There are some great apps out there designed to allow users to watch movies on their phones or tablet devices whilst on the move, from LOVEFiLM to Netflix. With the development of new movie-watching... more

What If Star Wars Was Part Of Real Life?

Real life Star Wars
History is something that most of us came to find considerably more interesting when we left school and weren't being forced to study it and/or listen to the senile ramblings of our grandparents as... more

Superman: The Evolution Of An Icon

Just in time for the Man Of Steel movie, HalloweenCostumes.Com have come up with an infographic of the evolution of Superman's 'S' shield over the years, including some of the more obscure versions... more

Darth Vader Returns In First Person Lightsaber Duel Part 3

So you've seen Darth Vader unleash an ass-whooping in first person lightsaber battles part 1 and part 2, but now thanks to The Stunt People the saga continues with a furthering of the original... more

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?
Batman and Spider-man are consecutively the two top selling characters from both DC and Marvel, and lets face it; probably the two most iconic characters of all time (with the exception of... more

Infographic: The Cars of Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto logo
Check it... more

Lego Aliens Short. Get Away From Her You Biatch!

lego aliens
Brick Tube from Machinima is the latest in a series of cool little Lego animation shorts, this one set in the Aliens universe and pitting a Colonial Marine bad-ass against the ultimate space bitch;... more

Klingon Bat’leth Crafting. Qapla!!!

klingon bat'leth
Over at the Haven we're big Star Trek fans, so when prop-meister Tony Swatton decides he's going to go ahead and craft a Klingon Bat'leth using his bad-ass metal work skills we were like, totally... more

Star Wars Han And Lando Do Miami Vice

Star Wars Han And Lando Do Miami Vice
We've posted some Craig Drake art deco stuff before, because there's no denying his work is super stylish and right up our nerd sensibilities alley. His latest is Han and Lando re-designed as a... more