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Like with the grieving process, The Day of the Doctor took us through seven emotional stages.   7. Scepticism   We wanted the episode to be good. We desperately wanted that. But the... more

50 years is a bloody long time in real life. It’s even longer in the world of TV. Most shows can’t last four series’ without a significant drop in quality, or getting cancelled. Yet somehow... more

In news that has exploded nerd brains the world over, Marvel Studios and Disney have announced four TV shows to air on Netflix. Getting the small screen treatment are , , ... more

10 Actors Who Should Play Superheroes

Superhero films are now a legitimate option for well-regarded actors. We’ve had Oscar winners playing , Catwoman, Mystique, Rogue and Storm. But there are some rather obvious big actors and... more

5 Reasons Agents Of SHIELD Is A Massive Disappointment

When Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was announced, no-one was in any doubt that it was going to be excellent. Marvel Studios has never released a less-than three star movie, and Joss Whedon was going to... more

How Loki’s Bringing Sexy Back To Marvel

He’s existed in his current Marvel Comics guise since 1962. He’s been Thor’s chief villain for 50 years. But Loki is only just now hitting his peak of popularity. The probable answer as to why... more

5 Awesome Clone/Evil Twin’s Played By The Same Actor

There was a time when evil twins were the exclusive preserve of cheesy US soap operas. But these days, they’re all over the place. And thanks to Orphan Black and Misfits, there are even more of... more

Does Thor: The Dark World Hammer The Original?

There’s probably a good reason this film isn’t just called Thor 2, because The Avengers essentially, thanks to Loki, stole that title. We’ve already seen two films about the God of Thunder and... more

5 Mysteries Set Up In Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD

The clumsily-named Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been unleashed on audiences. It might not be the unparalleled success we were hoping for, and it was certainly more by-numbers than we usually... more

10 Breaking Bad Defining Moments

The end is nigh for The Greatest Show on Television. We’re a mere two episodes away from finding out whether Vince Gilligan has crafted a great TV show or a perfect TV show. It all hinges on the... more

8 TV/Movie Spin-Offs The Networks Need To Make Happen

Spin-offs are hot business right now. Better Call Saul will continue to bring AMC its fix of bad suits and worse legal practices once Breaking Bad finishes, and JK Rowling is returning to the Harry... more

5 Actors Who Caused FAN RAGE When Cast As Superheroes

Poor Ben Affleck. No matter how many Oscars he wins, or how much of a nice guy he seems to be, people just don’t seem to tire of beating him with a stick. He’s been slowly and emphatically... more

Is Kick-Ass 2 A Serious Let Down?

The first Kick-Ass film boasted a murderous 10 year old, a twisted sense of fun, a macabre vein of humour and buckets of violence. Kick-Ass 2 boasts... well, it still has the violence. It seems... more

5 Facts About New ‘Doctor Who’ Peter Capaldi You Need To Know!

The news is out. The new Doctor is 55 year old Glaswegian Peter Capaldi. Not a woman. Still a white guy. But the oldest Doctor that Nu Who has yet given us (well, except , I guess), so... more

STAYING IN – The Rise Of The TV Anti-Hero

Breaking Bad series 1 – 5.1 spoilers below...   It’s all Tony Soprano’s fault.   TV used to have heroes at its core, good men and women struggling against external forces... more

10 Craziest Moments Of SDCC 2013

The San Diego Comic Con is the jewel in the nerd calendar – four straight days of exciting announcements, sneak peeks at upcoming films and TV shows, costumes that are better than anything you’ll... more

Will Nerd TV Shows Be Rewarded At The Emmys 2013?

The Emmy’s have never been known for rewarding geek shows. But in 2013... they’re still not, on the whole. But the nominations certainly threw up some interesting things.   American... more

Staying In: Hannibal Vs Dexter – Who Wins?

As the original loveable serial killer gets ready to pack up his kill bag for good and leave us, it seems like dozens are waiting to take his place. When Dexter began, the idea of a lead character... more