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Hot Bunny Cosplay In Time For Easter

So it's Easter and while we could give you a feature composed of superhero Easter Eggs, Rabbits dressed as Batman, Hulk getting sick from eating too much chocolate or something to that effect we... more

How To Look ‘Dorothy’ Delicious With The Wonderful Fashions Of Oz

gareth pugh wizard of oz
The Wizard of Oz is the epitome of childhood fantasy and youthful magic for myself and thousands of others of every size, shape and age across the globe. When I was little it was quite the annual... more

How Would You Fix: X-MEN Villain Mr. Sinister’s Morlock Massacre?

Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

Transformers: Cybertron Battle Routine DJ Sampler

MPC wizard Fresh Kil's has a new mix out, one that Transformers fans will have an instant appreciation for. This incredibly banging little routine dubbed: Cybertron Battle Routine is a really... more

Supergirl And Catwoman Amazeballs Oil Paintings

Milton Nakata  is a fine artist who uses oils on canvas and is located in Brazil. Sadly I can't tell you much more than that as his blog is in Portuguese, but based on his work below he clearly... more

The Walking Dead: Amazing Piano Rendition Of Opening Theme

cosplay piano: the walking dead
I rarely get gobsmacked by musical ability, but internationally recognized, award winning composer and pianist Sonya Belousova's rendition of The Walking Dead theme tune in the premiere episode of... more

Staying In: The Reason Women Now Love Fantasy TV

Staying In - Arrow
It is a question TV producers have been asking themselves for years: Just how do you get women watching sci-fi and fantasy? How do you show women that a traditionally male bastion can be for them... more

New Eden’s The New Online Sci-fi Comedy You’re Going To Want To Watch

NE - FB - Cover Photo - HuHa
We've been pimping space slacker animated comedy New Eden for a while now, because it's pretty damn great and we really wanted to see more of it. And now thanks to UK online leading broadcaster... more

How Would You Fix: Spider-Man – One More Day

Spider-man one more day
Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

A Good Day To Die Hard Unused Roof Top Fight Scene

There's nothing like a good old donnybrook in the middle of an action movie, especially a Die Hard movie, where no matter how elite or well armed the evil martial arts terrorist is, John McClane... more

Disney Characters Dissected In Anatomy Art

There are some things that once seen, can never be unseen. And this here gallery below contains a few of them things. Now I'm no big fan of Disney per se (okay, I cried during The Lion King, don't... more

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Created By Science

Physicists have created a miniature version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak (though it works only in microwave light, and not visible light, so far) in what they claim is a step closer to... more

Cool Animated Princess Leia

Cool Animated Princess Leia
Dave Bardin has a cool drawing style that  has an almost Pixar feel to it, and he's been doing great work animating some of our fave characters from Pop Culture and movies for a while now, his most... more

Honest Films Dissects Les Misérables

Most of the films that Honest Trailers pick apart are usually pretty brilliant. But it's always nice to have that crooked, ever discerning eye take them apart anyway for rampant comedy value, and... more

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #15 Review

‘Plan For Everything’ Writer: John Barber Art: Andrew Griffith (Lines) Josh Perez (Colours)   SYNOPSIS: Here we go again! It’s full on Autobot vs Decepticon action and... more

HBO Painted Character Posters Go Old School

It's easy to offhandedly remark that HBO have the best TV shows, but the simple fact of the matter is; they do. And they've continued to put out some of the highest quality telly for the guts of a... more

Real Life Flaming ‘Shishkebab’ Sword From Fallout

Fallout fans will know that The Shishkebab is a makeshift "flaming sword" that requires the appropriate schematics to build. The motorcycle gas tank provides a reservoir of fuel, the handbrake... more

Does The Croods Let Us Down On The Heroine Front?

The Croods is the new Dreamworks animated feature and normally, for me, Dreamworks is basically a sign that I Will Like This Film. Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon and Megamind, were all great films... more