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6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics

Ed's note - Make sure you've read last weeks stack before checking out the list below, unless you don't read any of these titles or don't mind ****spoilers**** in which case your safe as houses.... more

LEGO Hairstyles Win!

Netherlands Artist Elroy Klee has taken a variety of head shots and spiced them up with hairstyles composed of everybody's favorite building blocks: LEGO in his latest shoot entitled Mind... more

Mars Mission 2018 Wants Married Couples To Keep Crew Sane. WHAT?

Millionaire  Dennis Tito once payed a whopping 20 mil for an 8 day trip to the International Space Station, aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and now the daddy of space tourism fronting his own... more

Alien Inspired Cupcakes. No Chest Bursting Guarantee

Normally the last thing that would give us an appetite would be food  inspired by massive, acid drooling, head popping, chest bursting Alien's, but nomyumgnome Tumblr proves otherwise with these... more

Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man. Really Does Whatever A Spider Can!

There's been a lot of hoohah lately concerning the scientific accuracy or inaccuracies of Spider-Man's spider-powers, despite the fact that his power set is entirely fictional and scientifically not... more

Hot Star Wars Fashion Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

Star Wars as a brand has always been popular as easy access sci-fi, but Star Wars related fashion has become increasingly popular in recent years also, which may be in part owed to the success and... more

100 Comic Book Blogs To Follow Infographic – BAD HAVEN Rank #15

After at least a year and a half in absolute obscurity (and sporting a pretty s**tty looking website to begin with too, so rightly so) the clouds have opened and BAD HAVEN have been noticed. Noticed... more

Jaws Meets Empire Strikes Back In ‘The Jaws Of Hoth’ Mash

Deviant artist Rabbittooth has created some of our fondest fan art mashups, what with his Da Vinci riffing face-hugger Mona Lisa, the Klimt inspired Han and Leia kiss and my personal favorite, 'The... more

Transformers: Robots Ii Disguise #14 Review

  ‘BEFORE THE DAWN’ Writer: John Barber Art: Andrew Griffith (Lines) Josh Perez (Colours)     SYNOPSIS: The secrets of the Black Room exposed! Decepticons... more

Darth Vader Lightsaber Duel From A ‘First Person Dark Lord Perspective’

Seeing a lightsaber duel from the vantage point of the actual duelists would be pretty cool. Now imagine that lightsaber duel is from the vantage point of Vader. The dark lord is a dab hand at laying... more

5 Sci-Fi Pet’s You’d Love To Own In Real Life

Pet's in sci-fi are lesser spotted creatures, as usually droids and aliens are favored over animals in the far reaches of space or the fantastic, so it's the rarity that any actually pop up. There... more

‘Wilhelm Scream’ Updated With….Screaming Goats?

There is no more commonly used death screech stock footage in cinema than the famously titled 'Wilhelm Scream', used prolifically since 1951 in the film Distant Drums. The scream is often used... more

Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. Get’s LEGO’d

Orion Pax, the builder who has elevated Lego to an art form has created another cult classic vehicle with Knight Industries Two Thousand or K.I.T.T. Michael Knight's (the mothef**king Hoff) 1982... more

The Walking Dead’s Tyreese – Chad Coleman – Get’s Illustrated

Fans of The Walking Dead comic will know that hammer wielding zombie killer Tyreese was a big part of the story from the earlier issues of that series. Sadly the TV series chose not to bring him on... more

Spider-Man’s Webs Could Stop A Train According To Physics

According to nerd lore Spider-Man's web's have the tensile strength of steel cable and Spidey himself packs the proportionate strength of a spider, which should in theory - at a push - allow him to... more

Captain Kirk Invades The 85th Annual Academy Awards

This clip has already done quite a bit of business on the net today, but we'd be loathe if we didn't join in in celebrating Bill Shatner's return as Star Trek's Captain Kirk via time travel from the... more

Sci-Fi Sandworm Infographic. For Fans Of Giant….Worms

It's an uncommonly known fact that Sandworms in si-fi/horror are a lot more common than you'd think. What with the giant ones knocking around on Arrakis (AKA Dune), the limbo occupants of... more

Hot Nerds In BAD HAVEN T-Shirts? Finally!!!

bad haven sexy
If your a regular reader on BAD HAVEN you may or may not be aware that we have a merch section at the bottom of the site (well placed, I know) where you can buy a variety of T-Shirts, Hoodies,... more