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Myrmidon Art
Fan of steampunk? Enjoy your westerns? Okay, so listen up; Bryn Pryor of Unpunished Films and his crew are currently in pre-production on Cowboys & Engines, a steampunk western that stars Walter... more

DAILY DIRT: Amy Adams Lois Lane – A WARCRAFT Movie And Ridley Scott On Mind MGMT

Man of Steel Image
Ridley Scott To Produce Matt Kindt‘s Mind MGMT Film     Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg are to team with Ridley Scott to  produce a film version of Matt... more

Full Scale GAME OF THRONES King’s Landing MINECRAFT! In Short ‘WOW’

Kings Landing From Above
Minecraft may be a fading fad, but that doesn't mean it can't come up with the odd bit of 'amazeballs!' from time to time. Take this full scale GAME OF THRONES King's Landing... more

EVIL DEAD 2013 ‘R-Rating’ Is Good News For The Eager Fans – But Hard-Core’s Will Have To Wait!

New Evil Dead Art
The remake that has everyone talking, Evil Dead, has announced more exciting news this week! First of all, the film was reviewed by the MPAA and given a predictable NC-17 rating. Because, as the... more

8.8 Million Volt Ninja Sword! A.K.A. A Horrible Death In The Wrong Hands

Lazer Ninja Sword
Below we have a vid of what I'm forced to consider as one of the most deadly looking things I've seen lately: An 8.8 Million Volt Shock Mod Ninja Sword built by Youtuber GreekGadgetGuru, a man who's... more

5 Reasons Adults & Gamers Will Love Wreck-It Ralph It More Than Kids

Wreck It Ralph Poster
Wreck-It Ralph Review, otherwise known as: The Awkward Moment When you and your plus one are the only adults in the cinema not accompanied by children. It’s two weeks before Wreck It Ralph, the... more

PIXAR’s PAPERMAN – The Animated Short That Brings Back 2D And Makes Us Love It!

Paper Man Now Kiss
It's nice to see that the death of 2D animation isn't as imminent as you'd think with this heartfelt short from Pixar. Pixar's Paperman combines 2D animation with 3D animation and it really... more

Pixietea’s LEGO Mindstorms Back Up Band: Today’s Feel Good MUST WATCH!

Pixie Tea Art
Pixietea manages to create one of the straight up coolest music vid's I've ever seen by rigging her Lego mindstorms to be her back up band for this Bruno Mars cover. This is the feel good video of... more

The BATMAN Vs SHARK Ice Sculpture. That’s Right: BATMAN Vs A SHARK (In Ice!)

Batman Snowman Shark
Occasionally, as is his propensity to fall into peril, massive life threatening traps and the odd giant fish tank, Batman has had to fight a few sharks in his time.     Now... more

David Bradley To Play 1st Doctor In Docudrama. But What About The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special?

Comparison Photo
William Hartnell was the actor who famously played the original role of the Galaxy's most famous Time Lord way back in 1963, and since his passing away in 1975 there have been numerous other actors... more

GEORGE LUCAS And JJ ABRAMS Talk ‘STAR WARS’ And ‘Nerd Hate’ On Face Book

George Lucas Welcomes JJ to Star Wars on Facebook
This fake conversation between George Lucas and JJ Abrams is so good I wish it could be true. I'm just going to pretend it is:     Source:... more

DAILY DIRT: Ultron Babies – Barbarella TV & Justice League Is Hanging In The Balance

Barbarella Cover Art
Fringe Cast Say 'Bye' The cast of Fringe say 'Bye' in a heartfelt send off now that the series is finally at a close. I'll not lie, I needed a hanky:   Justice League Depends On Man Of... more

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 4X4 Goes On Sale On E-Bay. Cue Bid’s Of The Dead!

Zombie Jeep Photo
It takes a peculiar kind of dedicated to turn your 4x4 into a undead survival kill mobile fit to tour the zombie apocalypse, but that's not as uncommon as you'd think as it turns out, as Geekologie... more

CATS: Natures Miniature Genocide Machines! And Science Proves It

As an incredibly biased cat owner who treats his furry masters with a reverence comparable to that of the ancient Egyptians, I'm incredibly protective of my mogs. So imagine my horror when new... more


I've been bitching and moaning about the prequels for so long now it's hard to believe that I was actually once the Star Wars equivalent of a crack addict and had read everything from the extended U... more

Next Gen Consoles PS4: Rumours – Leaks and Nerdgasms

Part 2: PlaystationPS4ORBISoverthemoonuniverse As I discussed in my last article on the new Xbox, this year is set to be a big year for consoles. Let's get stuck in! The new Playstation is one of... more

DAILY DIRT: The X-FILES Return To Comics & All The Good Stuff

Paul Giamatti To Play The Rhino In The Amazing Spider-Man 2? According to The Hollywood Reporter Paul Giamatti is going to play The Rhino in Marc Webb‘s Amazing Spidey 2. Hopefully he's in a... more

Upcoming Horror Pick’s – STOKER: Chan-Wook Park’s Latest Thriller

stoker #3
Being a huge fan of Chan-wook Park’s, I am overly excited for his newest project. Some of his previous works include Oldboy (2003), Thirst (2009), Lady Vengeance (2005), and Sympathy for Mr.... more