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Uncovering The Neuroscience Of ROBOCOP 2014

Robocop 2014
  On the 7th February 2014, the flashy reboot of one of the most hallowed and valued action movie of the 1980s, Robocop, was released in cinemas. Directed by Jose Padilha, the director of the... more

How to Win at Poker the Movie Way

If Daniel Craig, Matt Damon and Paul Newman can win at poker, then so can you! Take lessons from infamous games shown on the big screen and use them alongside more reputable poker strategies to stand... more

3 Examples Of How Horror Films Reflect Our Obession With Sex

We, as a species, are an incredible horny bunch. From Miley Cyrus twerking her arse, to the awfully-catchy Robin Thicke smash single, Blurred Lines, it seems that everywhere you look, sexual content... more

Legends Reborn: An Interview With Author Douglas Brown

epertase cover
When someone has a day off from work, they usually sleep in; Douglas Brown, on the other hand, writes stories. Brown writes fantasy and horror novels when he’s not working as a fireman. His... more

5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off

The Walking Dead
Title: 5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off In a way, our article from last September about television/movie spin-offs was prophetic. Within that list, we wrote about how The Walking... more

5 Best Video Games Of The Decade

femshep mass effect
Video games have become as much a part of popular culture as film, music, and television. “Grand Theft Auto V,” which The Motley Fool notes reached a staggering 1 billion dollars in sales in just... more

UK Superhero Poll Results

Ladbrokes recently conducted a poll on the UK's attitudes to the world of superheroes and were kind enough to share the full report with us. It's a massive document that's packed with information... more

12 Moments That Defined 2013′s Year In Nerd

If you want a recap article dealing with horse burgers, the children of the ruling class and twerking, keep scrolling. My review of the year is purely to do with all things in the realm of geek. And... more

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers?

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers
  “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you” – Friedrich Nietzsche   It is a supreme contradiction that the group of people who, by all rights, shouldn’t be... more

How Ghost In The Shell Tech Predictions Continue To Come True

motoko kusanagi tachikoma ghost in the shell 1280x800 wallpaper_www
Ghost in the Shell is a multi-media story franchise that started out life in 1989 as a manga in Young Magazine, a weekly adult male manga (known in Japan as seinen manga). Since its original year and... more

The 7 Stages Of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who Tennant and Smith
Like with the grieving process, The Day of the Doctor took us through seven emotional stages.   7. Scepticism   We wanted the episode to be good. We desperately wanted that. But the... more

5 Reasons Doctor Who Has Lasted 50 Awesome Years

Doctor Who fiftieth featured image
50 years is a bloody long time in real life. It’s even longer in the world of TV. Most shows can’t last four series’ without a significant drop in quality, or getting cancelled. Yet somehow... more

How Much Can Superheroes Claim?

Action movie actors have been risking their lives for the sake of entertainment since the early days of silent cinema. Whether it be jumping off buildings or crashing cars, stunt-work continues to be... more

9 Cool Ideas We’d Like To See In Thor 3

“She wouldn't want us to fight.” “Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked.”   Thor: The Dark World has come and gone and, in contrast to Iron Man 3, it was a less of a sequel to The... more

Looking Back at Hammer Horror

Dracula - Hammer Horror
Despite the belief that horror has been a recently developed genre of cinema, audiences have been seeking scares long before the dawn of modern culture. As early as the Renaissance period, gothic... more

5 Ways People Missed The Anti-Consumerism Message Of Fight Club

Tyler Durden: Consumerism
Along with Capitalism and individuality, one of the main messages of Chuck Palahniuk's book (and the David Fincher directed film) Fight Club is anti-consumerism. Here's 2 lines from the book: You... more

5 Things We Can Expect From Marvel’s Netflix Series

Marvel Netflix characters
In news that has exploded nerd brains the world over, Marvel Studios and Disney have announced four TV shows to air on Netflix. Getting the small screen treatment are Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica... more

10 Actors Who Should Play Superheroes

Alex-Ross Marvel Heroes
Superhero films are now a legitimate option for well-regarded actors. We’ve had Oscar winners playing Batman, Catwoman, Mystique, Rogue and Storm. But there are some rather obvious big actors and... more